Friday, May 29, 2009

Hello World, We Have Arrived!

So, on account of my good friend Lauren, I've decided to start my own blog! As if I don't have enough to do already! With three children, my wonderful but crazy 20 month old twin boys, Tristan James and Avery Kaiden, and my very spoiled 2 month old daughter, Mykayla Aubrey, life can get pretty hectic!

My oh so photogentic Tristan,

My, gotta catch that smile quick Avery,

And our newest addition, Miss Mykayla

Me, my husband Jason and Miss Mykayla

How do I do it you say? Not even I know at times. But... I do know this, not one day has been the same and if you expect me on time anywhere... well think again! So, with three children you'd think I'd have enough? Nope, we have also got a Jack Russell Terrier named Tobi who I swear spends more time getting out of our fence and being brought back by neighbors than he does being in our house. I don't know whose name I call more, the boys or his!

I love making bows for my little girl and I started it all because my wonderful older sister Chencha had a beautiful little girl almost a year ago named Kinsley Alden and I knew she needed some pretty bows for her pretty head.

My sister Chencha and her/my neice Kinsley

Too bad my first few didn't come out so great. LOL! I've gotten pretty good with them and I just love, love, love the huge bows on my little ones head. Thank god I got a girl this time, cause my husband was getting tired of me trying out the bows on my boys! Hey, they'll never remember, except for the few pictures I've taken and saved for their future girlfriends! :) I like to dabble in a lot of crafts, not really sticking to much for too long. I'm trying my hand out with pillowcase dresses and a wrap too hold my munchkin in. I'm not as creative as my mother. Lord that woman could turn rags into art! I'll have to show you some stuff later. As of now I just thought I'd say hello and introduce myself and my family.