Monday, November 2, 2009

Bibs With LaLa Petite Flair...

So these are some of the bibs I made for the Market Nights at Cypress Village Station this past Friday. I have put my own twist on them some what.

I don't tuck the edges in and sew I just lay them on top on each other and do a zig zag stich all around. The edge are then frayed all around and it gives it a little bit of a "worn/vintage" look.

When I was sewing the velcro on I realized that I didn't like the spot were the thread showed and since I love rhinestones, beads...anything shiny, (I swear I was a racoon in my past life...) I went ahead and added some there. And that is how they were created! Enjoy!

More LaLa Petites designs to come soon....

Mini Satin Flower Clips

Well a while back I was looking around at all the blogs for some inspiration into childrens bows and I came across these Mini Satin Flower Clips posted on Ucreate. She always has the neatest things to make and so I decided to try it out. She had them posted from Little Birdie Secrets. I think I burnt my fingers more times than not trying to do these little suckers but I finally got the hang of it. Didn't they come out just lovely?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

So Halloween has arrived again! This is actually all of my childrens 1st Halloween due to the fact that my twins got out of the NICU on Halloween the first year and on the second year they were very sick. Well we made it this year!! Little Miss Mykayla, The Crazy Twins, and Me and My Husband loaded up and headed over to my sister Chencha and her husband Brians home for some good old trick-or-treating. The twins took a power nap before we got their since they had to store up lots of energy for their adventure that was about to come.

Miss Mykayla became a fairy of some sort, sorry, she was supposed to be a ladybug but then I remembered that a ladybug is RED with black dots, not the other way around and it was already 4pm and I needed to get ready to go so she BECAME a fairy. Isn't that great? She became something else just like that! Sounds just like her on any given day! One second she's laughing and smiling and then the next thing you know she's pulling a Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde on us! LOL. Love her so much still.

The twins were Thing 1 & Thing 2 still and loving it!

My lovely niece Kinsley was a Tulip Fairy and oh so cute! My sister added all the ribbons to make her costume look just perfect! Isn't it wonderful?!

We attempted the photo of all the kids together but none of us could get them to either sit still or all look at the camera long enough for any one of the FOUR people taking pictures to get ONE!

We finally gave up on the "all together now" picture when Miss LaLa decided she was done and promptly flew forward off the step. Luckily I caught her and still managed to get a picture of it too! LOL!

We all piled them into the wagons and then it was off to Trick-or-Treating!

I was kind of afraid that the twins wouldn't take to well to it and get scared of the other kids, especially my little brother who decided to dress up as Frankenstein, but Tristan ran to him and wanted HIM to take him door to door! They were running from door to door and couldn't wait to get the candy! They even left their wigs on the whole time! They surprise me daily!

Little Miss Kinsley couldn't wait to get into her bucket as you can see here. Chencha and Brian had to take a packet of pretzels that she was trying to tear open out of her mouth!!

When all was said and done we had an awesome night. I couldn't have asked for a better Halloween. The boys got a bath and fell fast asleep on the car ride home...

I wonder what I'll make them to be next year.... :)

Market Night Update!!!

Well I had my first night with the booth and it was a blast! It was a slow night because of the rain the prior day but we still turned out winners!!! I was so excited to see my booth all set up and all my hard work finally coming together. Ya'll have no idea how exhausted I have made myself trying to do all this and keep up with the kids. Thankfully my husband was there to help. He cleaned and took care of the kids and never complained while I worked like a busy bee sewing and glueing it all together for my big day. He was so proud of me! How do I know you ask? Because he told me so!!!
Our proudest moment of the evening though goes to our crazy and wild twins, Tristan and Avery, for winning the.... Costume Contest!!! Those little boys won $100!!!! We are so proud of our little munchkins! Everyone loved, loved their costume! As soon as I put on their wigs people were stopping to look and smiling and laughing and saying just how cute they were. I couldn't have been more proud of them or myself. All my crafts took a backburner to this my friends! I love making crafts and seeing just what my little mind can come up with, but these little guys took precedence over it ALL! Trust me I have to force myself some nights to turn it off since I have too many ideas running through my mind to count. I've already got so many more things I want to make to add to my line! You'll just have to wait and see! But, back to my twins! I had such a feeling of joy when everyone commented on their costumes and how wonderful they looked. And to just stand their and watch them have a blast in it and not even know they were the center of attention was awe inspiring. Makes me miss being a kid and having no worries to speak of. Just look how carefree they are!
Thanks to all who showed up to show their support, can't wait to do it again this Friday!!