Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Custom Tutus and Mini Top Hats!

It's been a few since I've been on here but I've been planning my daughters 1st birthday and that has taken up so much time!!! I have two Tutus that she wore for her birthday and am so proud of how well they turned out! I started them awhile ago and just kept adding as time went on. I guess I was never fully satified with the outcome! But I am now!! If you are looking for a beautful and unique Tutu, such as one like these please let me know! I can do just about anything you want to it!

I saw all these cute mini Top Hats for adults but wanted one for my little angel and decided that I could make one! I LOVE the way it came out!!! If you would like a custom one, I can put them on these scrunchie headbands or a hard plastic band! Let me know! No two will ever be alike!