Monday, September 21, 2009

Family Photos with

We have finally gotten up the courage to get family photos done and we are so glad we did! We have found a photographer named Debbie Mayes of Englexas Photography. She is such a wonderful photographer! She is only 24 and is better than every other photographer that I have ever looked up. The boys, who never take to anyone, EVER, went right up to her. She had them laughing and playing and running around as if they had known her and had seen her everyday before. I cannot praise Debbie enough for such beautiful pictures, and this is only our sneek peek. If you are looking for a photographer, she is the one you need to use. Here is a link to her blog so that you can see just how good she is and a larger picture of ours.
If you want to contact Debbie Mayes you can reach her at 979-997-2706.

First Day of Preschool!

So Jason and I decided that the boys needed a little more interaction with other children their age and have choosen to put them in a two day a week preschool. Very sad indeed because this means my boys are no longer babies. What happened to my little baby boys? They are growing up a little too fast. To my joy they did not want to be left in the class room and kept calling out to MaMa. Yeah!!! They are still my babies!! Each day has been a little different though. The first day they did not cry till I got them in the room and now all I have to do is pull up and they know where we are and are screaming no. But they will eventually not even know I'm gone.