Saturday, December 26, 2009

Finally Back!

Wow! So much has happened in the last month that I don't know where to begin! As I said before, my computer crashed and it took a bit to get it fixed but it finally did! Then with the Holidays and craft fairs I was so busy! I'm still! OMG! The mess a set of twins can make, not to mention the mess the tree leaves as it's dying. LOL!
So... first up is my Wee Wuns craft show. I had such a great time doing this show and their were lots of people even though the weather was just plain horrible!!! My booth has grown since the last time I put pictures of it up here. I keep coming up with so many things that now I don't have the time to do them all. So I'll just do bits here and there and try to keep sane. But I do love how my booth has changed and all the new things that I've done and am still doing!

I also recieved an email from a very nice lady wanting me to do a football taggie in the LSU colors, which I had never done but I knew I could do it. I had enough fabric left over that I made a small pillow to go along with it. In the taggie I put stuffing, crinkle paper, and bells. It came out so CUTE! Off to a lovely home they went!!!

I was able to photograph most of my bows for my etsy site that I'm setting up but then realized afterwards that I probably should of put them on Mykayla's head so everyone could get a feel for the size of the bow. So... now I have to RE-DO them! Ugh! But here are what some of them look like, I'm so excited to get them on LaLa and get some pictures for Etsy!

I did get some pictures of what my toddler boy shirts look like with Avery in them! He is such a ham!!! Look out Calvin Klein here comes MY son! LOL

I've also done some hats, since it's winter time and all. There is only two here but I've been doing them for both boys and girls from NB to 8 years old so far. I've had such a huge response on these cuties that I've been stocking up on them just so I have enough to make when the orders come in. I've done skull and crossbones too and those have been going like hot cakes! I keep forgetting to get a picture of them!

I did try and get LaLa into some of the baby clothes so I could take some pictures for Etsy, but as you can plainly see, she wasn't having any of it! My poor little girl, such a rough life being waited on hand and foot! LOL!

She's not always so upset... See... Don't you just love the big bows!!?? I do!

I had to get Christmas photos done also but no way was I going to attempt the mall again. Last year we tried to get a family Christmas photo and it didn't even get close to nice. So this year I did them with just the kids. I do have to say that I have no thoughts of ever, and I mean EVER, becoming a professional photographer. I've got no patience! Thank God they were good that day!

About 25 photos later...

Do you have any idea how hard it is to get one kid to smile, let alone three??!! UGH!