Tuesday, February 2, 2010

DIY Kitchen from a NIGHTSTAND!!??

OMG!! I spend way too much time on here!! Not enough sleep! But I so can't help myself... So, again I was looking at all the blogs I follow and Rachel over at Vintage Song Bird has the most absolute cutest revamp of a nightstand. She turned it into a kitchen! It had me thinking about Craigslist and how I always see nightstand and desks and tables for like $5 or $10. HELLO! This is such a simple and beautiful thing to do that I'm going to attempt this for my twin boys! The LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, playing with their fridge my parents got them for their birthday that they so need one of these. Like we even have the room, but I'll find a place to put this sucker!! LOL! I can't wait to make one and post it!

Doodle Chalkboard

So I was looking through the blogs and I came across this really neat chalkboard idea. Disney, over at Ruffles And Stuff, has this Doodle Chalkboard tutorial that she made for her daughter. I'm so going to try it out and post it up here. Wish me luck!!!