Monday, May 24, 2010

Custom Ruffle Butt Onesie, Mechanic Onesie, Blocks, & Bibs!

So I had a custom order for a couple of baby showers and a set of baby blocks and was thrilled to do as I chose to it all!! I had my LaLa model it all before it was shipped out! Here is a Ruffle Butt Onesie w/ a Layered Flower on front. I LOVE IT!

The Ruffle Butt is and will always be my favorite part of making onesies! i make them look real vintage and worn and they always come out so cute!

Mr. Tristan tried on the Mechanic Onesie and modeled for me. There is a car in front and a wrench on the back butt. :) I do think from now on I will be doing the boys onesies in color. Like a washed out gray or black or dark blue. They'll be much more interesting!

Next up where the Bibs to match the Onesies and again, Miss LaLa modeled the Layered Flower Bib!

Here's Mr. Avery modeling the Bib that matches the Mechanic Onesie.

I had a set of blocks also to make and I wanted them very rustic and old looking. I did realize that I hae to apply a sealer over Mod Podge though. These pictured were not the actual ones shipped. Since we live in the south of the great state of Texas, it naturally gets oven hot here! LOL! Well, the post office was my last stop of the day and when I got there, I realized that the Mod Podge had become tacky from the heat and stuck few blocks together! Ugh!! Back home and had to redo some. But, my mother showed me some kind of sealer to spray on and now they are done and gone. What a pain!! If only I had known that a BEFORE!!! LOL!