Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rag Quilt Letters & Numbers Tutorial

I really love this Rag Quilt Letters & Numbers Tutorial over at Happy Together. I just wish that I had the time to do all of these tutorials that I find!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Heather Bailey's Craft Room

I am IN LOVE with Heather Bailey's Craft Room! So much so that I went and found my own dresser and painted and stained it and now I have my own Heather Baileyish Dresser. LOL! 

I've started working on my room again and my goal is a room as elegant as this. I even found a chandelier similar to her green one. Mine was all white when I got it and I've painted it pink and green.


Now I've just got to figure out how to take pictures more professionally! I've got a lot of work to do to my room, heck, my whole house still isn't finished, but I try not to think of it and just do it one at a time. NOT easy for someone like me who wants it all done NOW!!