Friday, August 21, 2009

San Antonio Trip

So Jason and I decided to go to San Antonio for a late anniversary getaway, but Little Miss had to come along. The boys got to hang out with our friends Sheena and Jullian for a few days while we toured San Antonio. It was all our first time being there and quite an experience. We stayed at the Inn on the Riverwalk, which was a very nice bed and breakfast. Miss Mykayla modeled our bed for us and isn't it so cozy looking?

We decided to try out the zoo before we went to dinner and man it was so hot! I think we spent more time trying to hide from the sun than looking at the animals! The indoor aquarium was nice and cool though!

Next up was dinner at a place called Boudros and it was on the Riverwalk. The food and service was so great and such a change from all the other places we've ever eatin at. If you go to San Antonio you have to eat here and you have to have their strawberry mojito! Little Miss Mykayla got to show off her new hair bow and I must say she looked very "Couture"! LOL

The next day we went walking down the riverwalk and tried out the mall since it was much cooler in there. We decided to get Mykayla's ears pierced and I must say that she was a trooper. Doesn't she look so cute!

We finally got someone to take a picture of the two of us while Mykayla was asleep in the stroller!

At lunch Miss Mykayla decided to be funny stick her tongue out at us, I got it on camera along with a few others that day.

All in all the trip was great and we managed to beat the rain clouds that were rolling in as we left. I can't wait for our next trip and to be able to take my crazy boys along with!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Catch Up...

Man, I started doing this blog with the intentions of keeping up w/it but I haven't done such a great job. Well... I'm going to try it again. LOL! I totally missed 4th of July on here but am still putting up the pictures because I spent so much time making Miss Mykayla's Tutu & Hair Bow!

This was the only picture I could get of all the kids together. I swear, the boys have ants in their pants because they can never sit still!!!!

I've had some other pretty exciting things going on. My friend Sheena just got back from something called OCS, might be OTS, LOL! She is in the Marines and did this six week boot camp type thing and just graduated. It's to become an officer. I would have so quit the first night! But 6 weeks? Props to you girl!

The boys are waiting for their big boy beds so I can't wait to put those in and then redecorate their room now! But, I've managed to get about 90% done with Miss Mykayla's room and am proud to put up the pictures. It's so pink!!

Jason took the boys to a baseball game all by himself and I was very proud of all my men!

My niece Miss Kinsley had her first birthday and what a birthday it was! She was so pretty in her outfit and got lots of presents!

She went also just this past weekend went to Kemah for the first time with Mommy and Daddy and they got some great photos of her. She is such a big girl now!