Saturday, December 11, 2010

Eye Candy by Candace!!

I found the lovely lady that does photography in Cypress, TX! She is right up my alley for photography so we struck a deal!! I do have to say that her photo my Flower Bow looks 100 times better than the one I took with my old rinky dink camera!!
This was a custom Christmas Tutu, Onesie, and Bow I did for her as well. Doesn't she take such great photos!! Wish my daughter was THIS easy to photo!!

Check her out over at Eye Candy by Candace and on Facebook too!!


Lisa said...

So lovely, I don't know how to take a good photo, and would need all the help I could get.
Hope you had a great Christmas!


Ashley said...

these pictures ARE SO CUTE! So happy I stumbled across your blog! love it! :)

Give me money said...

so cute......