Monday, June 1, 2009

Water Weekend!

The boys had such an eventful weekend! They had a playdate with their good buddy Jackson and got to play in the backyard with the pool and water table.
We found two new pool boys and furniture movers too! LOL!
Poor Jackson filled his diaper and got hosed off by his momma Lauren and then decided he liked his birthday suit the best!
I finally got some really good shots of Avery, who I can never get to stand still and even Mykayla was hanging outside with us.
Tobi decided too that he liked swimming after all!

Thanks to Jackson I finally got my boys in their pool. Way to go Jackson!

Then on Sunday we tooked the munchkins to the pool. They got to try out their new floats, but it took us FOREVER to get them in the pool. Once we did they were good to go.

Then it was time for me and Miss Mykayla to try the pool. She was great, as long as I held her very close, but once she was used to the water she was relaxing just like the boys.

She's gotta get her tan too guys! Just kidding, she was in the shade and lathered with sunscreen!

Jason took Avery and Mykayla home early and me and Mr. Tristan played around a little more. I have to get him floaties because that little one wanted nothing to do with me holding him. Which is great because I don't want them afraid of the water. We'll work on Avery little by little. I can't wait till this Thursday! The boys and I along with our neighbor Sheena and her two little ones are headed to the Children's Museum of Houston.


Doreen said...

OH my goodness..your family is so beautiful!!! Looks like a fun time.

Have a wonderful day