Monday, September 21, 2009

First Day of Preschool!

So Jason and I decided that the boys needed a little more interaction with other children their age and have choosen to put them in a two day a week preschool. Very sad indeed because this means my boys are no longer babies. What happened to my little baby boys? They are growing up a little too fast. To my joy they did not want to be left in the class room and kept calling out to MaMa. Yeah!!! They are still my babies!! Each day has been a little different though. The first day they did not cry till I got them in the room and now all I have to do is pull up and they know where we are and are screaming no. But they will eventually not even know I'm gone.


boneheadstudio said...

I should have looked at the blog for these pictures!!! They look so scared holding each others hands!!!
Love Mom/Gramma