Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Alice In Wonderland Birthday Ideas


So I have been planning an Alice In Wonderland themed birthday for Miss Mykaylas's 1st Birthday for quite some time now. (even before the movie was to come out, I have to say! LOL) Anyways, I have found so many ideas!!!! I cannot wait till the birthday but wanted to show just what I had found and how I have decided to change the theme up a bit. It really is going to be a little more "eclectic", if I can, that is. Yeah!!! I can't wait!!!

I got my idea on the Alice In Wonderland theme when I first saw this picture on Etsy. Deborah's store, Champignons is so very eclectic! I love that word! "ECLECTIC" lol. Don't you just love this photo though!?

So, I started checking out more blogs and searching Etsy more and OMG! There is so much out there!

Donna over at Party Wishes did this absolutely gorgeous Mad Hatter Party!! I need to enlist my brother and dad into making something like these croquet stands!! AND the stacked TEACUPS!!

Then there was a photographer who took some wonderful photos of a Tea Party. Jessica Claire did the photos and they are awesome! The photos AND the party. This first one that I found on her site was so cute! It definetely gave me lots of ideas for LaLa's chair!

She also took photos for this party here. I soooooo want that centerpiece!! I wonder  how I can make it!

I was also looking for decorations for the table and these little cuties caught my attention over at Pink Cherry Mama. They are so perfect!!

I've been seeing these cupcake holders around and over at Orange 1 I found these guys...

Of course I will need a hairpiece for myself and Miss LaLa and needed some ideas. I found this headband on Etsy with 3CraftyGirls... It's a zipper in the middle! How UNIQUE!!

I also found this one on Etsy over at MTcoffinz Underground. I do have to say she has some very unique items in her shop!

I'm so ready!!!!


Sue said...

I think, the Alice in Wonderland theme is also a good idea for a wedding. I'll be handling my bestfriend's wedding event, and I think this theme fits her, and her soon to be husband's personality. I have started budgeting and planning their wedding. The event will be held at San Diego. Tent rentals services there are very easy to find, so worries will be lessened. When my sister got married last year, I remember that Sonoma, canopy rental services are also affordable.

Kathryn Michelle Jenkins said...

wow! such great ideas. I have been looking for great alice in wonderland ideas lately. thanks for posting this! beautiful family too.