Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Very Own Craft Room

With our new house, I've finally gotten a craft room all to my own! I've been slowly fixin it up and have a long ways to go, but, I thought I'd show some pictures of my favorite room!!

The blue desk was originally all red. I found it on craigslist for $12 and had it in my twins room but, when we moved into this house, I saw another need for it! So I spray painted it blue and then with a lighter blue paint from the Martha Stewart Collection at Home Depot, I made the drawer lighter. I painted all the frames too!  I had the flower garden stakes from my daughters first birthday lying around and decided to mount them on the wall. I plan on painting the room also, just haven't figured out what color yet.
I got this desk off of craigslist too for $20 and spray painted it ivory and then painted the front of the drawers and top of the desk a light pink. I love it! I still plan on going in and spray painting the lamp and redoing the lamp shade. 

This was my twins original changing table that I also went to town on. I just love all the colors! The hanging lanterns where from my LaLa's 1st Birthday as well and I wanted to put them to use so I hung them here! I had no place to put the Tutu's and decided to hang them from the bottom of the lanterns. Turned out pretty neat, I think!