Monday, November 2, 2009

Bibs With LaLa Petite Flair...

So these are some of the bibs I made for the Market Nights at Cypress Village Station this past Friday. I have put my own twist on them some what.

I don't tuck the edges in and sew I just lay them on top on each other and do a zig zag stich all around. The edge are then frayed all around and it gives it a little bit of a "worn/vintage" look.

When I was sewing the velcro on I realized that I didn't like the spot were the thread showed and since I love rhinestones, beads...anything shiny, (I swear I was a racoon in my past life...) I went ahead and added some there. And that is how they were created! Enjoy!

More LaLa Petites designs to come soon....