Sunday, November 1, 2009

Market Night Update!!!

Well I had my first night with the booth and it was a blast! It was a slow night because of the rain the prior day but we still turned out winners!!! I was so excited to see my booth all set up and all my hard work finally coming together. Ya'll have no idea how exhausted I have made myself trying to do all this and keep up with the kids. Thankfully my husband was there to help. He cleaned and took care of the kids and never complained while I worked like a busy bee sewing and glueing it all together for my big day. He was so proud of me! How do I know you ask? Because he told me so!!!
Our proudest moment of the evening though goes to our crazy and wild twins, Tristan and Avery, for winning the.... Costume Contest!!! Those little boys won $100!!!! We are so proud of our little munchkins! Everyone loved, loved their costume! As soon as I put on their wigs people were stopping to look and smiling and laughing and saying just how cute they were. I couldn't have been more proud of them or myself. All my crafts took a backburner to this my friends! I love making crafts and seeing just what my little mind can come up with, but these little guys took precedence over it ALL! Trust me I have to force myself some nights to turn it off since I have too many ideas running through my mind to count. I've already got so many more things I want to make to add to my line! You'll just have to wait and see! But, back to my twins! I had such a feeling of joy when everyone commented on their costumes and how wonderful they looked. And to just stand their and watch them have a blast in it and not even know they were the center of attention was awe inspiring. Makes me miss being a kid and having no worries to speak of. Just look how carefree they are!
Thanks to all who showed up to show their support, can't wait to do it again this Friday!!