Friday, January 29, 2010

Revamping My Baby Bibs!!

So I decided to revamp all my bibs! They just all looked so plain to me! On the boys I decided to add guitars and ties and this is what I created! The ties are double layered with felt backing then I sewed the edges with a crisscross stictch. I applied them to the bib with fabric glue and viola!

Here's Mr. Avery modeling them for me!

In this one, I screen printed a guitar to the bib but still thought it lacked my wow factor. So I cut out another guitar and glued it on to make it look like a shadow. And again here is my Avery modeling the bib!

Now, with my girl bibs it took me a bit longer to think of something unique but I wasn't giving up. I saw lots of ideas everywhere but nothing really caught my eye till I saw an adorable bib on Ucreate.

It started to spark my imagination and then while I was on Etsy I found the cutest bow on a lady's shop called Daffodil Doll. Isn't it lovely?!!

So... I started thinking, and thinking, and thinking... and this was my creation for the girl bibs!

I even tried out a guitar for the girls bib too and another Viola!

 I really love the way these bibs came out! And I'm super excited to start selling them!! You can purchase any one of the cuties by going to my etsy shop here...LaLa Petites Etsy Shop


Nori said...

omgoodness!! all of those bibs are so cute!!! i totally love the tie bibs... awesome job!!

LaLa Petites said...

Thanks so much Nori!! That was so very nice to say!!!! :) sorry it took so long to see the comment!!! I didn't even know I had one!!! LOL!