Saturday, January 2, 2010

Rocker Style Beanie Caps

I've finally got pictures up of these little cuties! They are my favorite item to make and look so cute on my daughter and neice! They are also very hot sellers at my markets that I go to. I wanted beanies for my kids to wear that were not only functional (i.e...kept their little ears warm), but also cool looking, and this is what was created! I haven't gotten pictures of the boys up yet. They all sold and I totally forgot to take pictures of them, but I will get some of them up soon. I'm realizing that I can only do so much in a day!

Here's my beautiful little neice Kinsley wearing the one I made her for Christmas. My sister said that she kept it on the whole time! Yeah!!!

And, of course, little Miss LaLa had to have one on too! This one is a little small for her and is made for a 0-6 month old but I wanted to model her in it still! Isn't she just so photogenic!!??

LaLa is also modeling the Guitar Beanie that is made for up to a 10 year old but she just looks so cute in it! She also has on my Guitar screen printed top and pants but, I haven't gotten those up for sale yet on etsy.

Of course the only way to get her to sit still so long was with bribery! Nilla Wafers are her favorite and did the trick!! LOL!


Frugal Home Design said...

I love the rock-n-roll for the little girls. So cute.

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